For everyone's health and well being, Vital Dental Hygiene Clinic is pleased to announce the arrival of our new Jade Air Filtration System by Surgically Clean Air! The Jade Air Filtrations System continuously cleans and sterilizes indoor air by capturing viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and dust particles providing a healthy and safe environment for clients and staff.

We are glad you have chosen Vital Dental Hygiene in Sherwood Park for your dental hygiene needs and hope that every encounter with our dental hygienist and staff meets and exceeds your expectations. Let us take care of all your dental hygiene needs including teeth cleaning & consultation, preventative sealants, sport mouth guards and teeth whitening.

We brought together all the best technologies in teeth cleaning. While teeth scraping (hand scaling) is still a gold standard, we have added:

New Ultrasonic-Scaling & Piezo Electronic Machine Scaling - You feel pulsing water and small pulsation of the instrument. It softly removes tartar and plaque from teeth and it also removes the bacterial biofilm that is very pathogenic.

Air Flow & Pearl Prophy Flex Air Polishing Device - This unique mixture of polishing powder and water is sprayed on your teeth. The touch-free motion removes deep stains (coffee, tea, smoking) and plaque, polishes and smoothes teeth surfaces, flushes out all debris from the gum pockets and areas around roots of the teeth.

Soft Tissue Dental Hygiene Laser - This procedure is painless and fast. Laser bacterial removal is effective for gum disease, sensitive teeth treatment as well as a herpetic and aphthous ulcer treatment.

Our goal is to minimize your sensitivity and discomfort while delivering comprehensive teeth cleaning. We customize individual treatment plans for each client.

Enjoy Your New Fresh Smile Today!

Vital Dental Hygiene Clinic Provides An Exceptional Standard of Dental Hygiene Care

We go out of our way to deliver the level of dental care and compassion we would like for our own families. While complete oral health is our long-term goal, our immediate priority is your comfort. Our dental hygienist and staff are knowledgeable and friendly and we invest in the newest technology and implement multiple comfort management techniques to prevent treatment discomfort and dental anxieties.

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